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        Suzhou Xinghan Vibration Test Instrument Co., Ltd.

        Company Profile      Suzhou Xinghan Vibration Test Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development and application. It has advanced and sophisticated manufacturing equipment and a group of high-tech personnel specializing in vibration test equipment. The company has more than ten years of production experience, controls the quality of raw materials, optimizes product costs, and has been committed to improving product quality and after-sales service. After many years of efforts, the products have been widely used in experimental testing of high-tech companies such as electronics, instrumen... MORE>>

        Development direction of vibration testing machine industry

        From the market point of view, most users are always the product of guaranteed morality, which is why they choose a big brand. In the period when morality is the main factor, users are more fully product cost-effective, and in terms of the vibration testi



        provide you with quality service

        • 1.Many years of industry experience

          Years of industry experience, focusing on the production and development of vibration testing instruments are widely used in experimental testing of high-tech companies such as electronics, instruments, tools and so on.

        • 2.Product quality is always advanced in the industry

          We have high-tech imported equipment and senior R & D technicians with guaranteed product quality, which can be customized according to customer requirements, complete varieties and good prices.

        • 3.Scientific management has a good reputation among users

          The company has a strict management system, adhering to the strategic slogan of "quality first, reputation-based, customer first, quality service", widely recognized by customers.

        • 4.Excellent and perfect service

          We provide customers with pre-sale, during-sale, and after-sale issues with efficient scientific management and high-quality workforce, and professional and thoughtful services.


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