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        AFTER SALES service

        AFTER SALES service

        Suzhou Xinghan Vibration Test Instrument Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)

        The company mainly produces vibration test instruments and equipment. This equipment is widely used in environmental test materials mechanical tests, dedicated to aerospace, military, electronic appliances, automotive parts and other tests.

        Company address: No. 89, West Mumu Road, Wudu District, Suzhou City

        Tan Wenliang: 13706200479

        Wang Zhenkang: 13862570070

        Shi Huimin: 13506138361

        Sales and technical support: 15250432184

        Fax: 0512.63662823

        Phone: 0512-66564613 0512.66365468

        Website: www.at0531.com

        Email: twl@sz-zd.com

        Suzhou Libang Vibration Technology Co., Ltd.

        Company Address: No.851 Fanfeng Road, Qiaokou, Suzhou

        Phone: 0512-66939932

        Sales and technical support: 15250432184

        Fax: 0512-66936783


        Office Address: D-508, First International, Nancheng District, Dongguan

        Office Tel: 0769-23121658

        Office Fax: 0769-23121659


        Office Address: Room 402, Mingda Juhao Garden, No. 33 Badal Road, Dongguan

        Contact: Liu Zhongmin

        Mobile: 13326853985


        Office Address: Building B, Jiayu Industrial Park, Dapu North Road, Houting Community, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen

        Office Tel: 0755-29466500 13506138361

        Office Fax: 0755-29466501



        • 1.Many years of industry experience

          Years of industry experience, focusing on the production and development of vibration testing instruments are widely used in experimental testing of high-tech companies such as electronics, instruments, tools and so on.

        • 2.Product quality is always advanced in the industry

          We have high-tech imported equipment and senior R & D technicians with guaranteed product quality, which can be customized according to customer requirements, complete varieties and good prices.

        • 3.Scientific management has a good reputation among users

          The company has a strict management system, adhering to the strategic slogan of "quality first, reputation-based, customer first, quality service", widely recognized by customers.

        • 4.Excellent and perfect service

          We provide customers with pre-sale, during-sale, and after-sale issues with efficient scientific management and high-quality workforce, and professional and thoughtful services.



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