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        NEWS Announcement

        2019-11-13 14:34:57How to maintain vibration testing machine

        In the daily use of the vibration testing machine, maintenance is essential, and how to maintain the vibration testing machine? I believe most people are not very clear, so let Suzhou Xinghan vibration teach you how to maintain the vibration test machine in daily use.

        Daily maintenance of vibration testing machine:

        ? ? 1. Identify the power source;

        ? ? 2.The connection of power input line and output line is accurate;

        ? ? 3, it is necessary to ground (external), check the power cord should be reliably grounded;

        ? ? 4.It is necessary to clamp the article during the test;

        ? ? 5. Stop long-term use under no load, except for tuning;

        ? ? 6. Stop running beyond the machine's regular load;

        ? ? 7. Please read the operation manual carefully before using the machine, and strictly observe the safety precautions;

        ? ? 8. No special requirements, stop changing the setting procedure;

        ? ? 9. When the machine is working, stop opening the cover of the case, otherwise severe electric shock and mechanical damage will occur;

        ? ? 10. Do not switch the machine frequently during work, please wait for 10s for the machine program to self-check after starting;

        ? ? 11.After use, please close the main power supply;

        ? ? 12. Lock the loose screws during maintenance and inspection. When protecting and curing, please close the main power switch;

        ? ? 13. The control box insists on ventilation, boring and cleaning.

        ? ? ?Suzhou Xinghan Vibration Test Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in manufacturing vibration test benches, electric shakers, automobile headlight shakers, impact test stands, high-acceleration impact stands, vibration test instruments, and high and low temperature integrated vibration tables.

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