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        2019-11-13 14:35:06What other aspects do we need to make in order to make our domestic shaking table famous internation

        In the domestic environmental test market, the shaker industry has entered a stage of rapid development. At the same time, more and more businesses are optimistic about this market with unlimited potential. Compared with other test equipment, the vibration table has stricter requirements on test technology. However, most of the most popular and trusted products in the domestic market come from foreign companies, and Chinese domestic companies are always at a disadvantage. The biggest reason for this situation is that China's existing shake table equipment is difficult to produce groundbreaking results, and problems that others have not found are discovered. The reason is simple: Even with the ready-made equipment, even if it is done well and finely, even if the article is published in a world-class academic journal, it is mostly a supplement and extension of the existing results. It is difficult to raise the shaking table equipment to a new height. So, what restricts the pace of research and development?

        ? ? 1) Lack of technical talent. The research and development of original shakers requires a special team of technical talents, but today there are very few scientific research teams in our country. The severe shortage of technical personnel has severely restricted the research and development of shakers.

        ? ? 2) Cooperation among various fields is difficult. Original scientific ideas now often appear in cross-cutting fields. The research and development of shaking table equipment requires the cooperation and innovation of scientists in different fields. However, in the current scientific research system, there is still fragmentation among different disciplines and academic institutions, and there is a lack of top-level design and guidance for cooperation.

        ? ? 3) Lack of original thinking. After all, the shaking table equipment is just an instrument, and its root is also the lack of original scientific ideas. There are few original scientific thoughts, which of course is related to the stage of development of China's science and technology, but also to lack of academic self-confidence, lack of courage to bear failure, and lack of accumulation.

        ? ? Today, if there is no effective mechanism to solve this problem, China's shaker industry will not be able to develop further in a short period of time.

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