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        2019-11-13 14:35:14The next goal of the shaker industry: to tighten the cutting-edge technology and break through key t

        ? ? After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China has stood on the international stage as the world's second largest economy. While affirming our achievements, we should also soberly realize that our country is facing huge challenges. First of all, most of the core technologies in the environmental testing industry are abroad. The foundation of China's shaker industry is still weak. In the international instrumentation industry chain, China is still in the middle and low-end position, and it can't get rid of the "world foundry Secondly, it is manifested in the contradiction between the current economic situation of the instrument and meter market, the poor economic structure, the poor performance of enterprises, the poor performance, and the poor development. This leads to the difficulty of China's instrumentation industry to occupy an advantage in the market competition. The market is mostly occupied by imported products and its development is restricted. In addition, the instrumentation industry currently does not have a complete development mechanism and system to integrate existing resources, which has also brought a greater obstacle to the development of shakers. At the same time, the national government does not give enough guidance to the instrumentation industry, and it is particularly important to formulate a strategy that is more in line with the current development of China's instrumentation.

        ? ? Through the development of domestic shaking tables, it is not difficult to see various disadvantages, scientific research is not valued, and scientific research innovation is not strong; poor performance and quality reliability, which brings difficulties to the application; there are also large gaps in the production process, and after-sales services are also Difficult to guarantee; not enough in marketing and branding. This means that there are gaps in domestic instruments from R & D, production to market circulation and application. Various disadvantages have led to the failure of domestic instruments when importing instruments from domestic instruments. At present, there is still a large gap between China's instrumentation and developed countries in terms of technology, but China's grasp of current industry development trends, smooth technological development trends, and independent research and development innovation will eventually promote the vigorous development and innovative development of the entire instrumentation industry.

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