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        NEWS Announcement

        2019-11-13 09:49:58Future development trend of vibration test bench

        Although the vibration test technology has only experienced a short period of time from the beginning to the present, it has been greatly developed. Vibration test has been widely used in aerospace, electrical and electronic, vehicle engineering and construction fields, and has played a huge role.

        ? ? Now there are many professional manufacturers of vibration test benches and scientific research institutes in China. They have carried out a lot of related research on vibration tests and achieved fruitful results. Because the multi-axis multi-degree-of-freedom vibration system can better and more accurately simulate the reality of the vibration environment than the single-axis vibration system, its practicability has been increasingly valued and recognized. The research on the vibration equipment in developed countries led by the United States has been quite mature. The research on multi-axis multi-degree-of-freedom vibration systems is in-depth, and great results have been achieved. A variety of multi-axis multi-degree-of-freedom vibration systems have been developed. The important role is to provide a good guarantee for the quality and reliability of the product. Due to foreign technical blockades and our country's late start in this area, there is still a blank in China regarding multi-axis and multi-degree-of-freedom vibration systems. There is still a need for further independent research and development in this field. At present, relevant departments in China are stepping up research and development to strive to break through this scientific problem at an early date. And the development of multi-axis multi-degree-of-freedom vibration systems with random control, large load carrying capacity, wide frequency range, and light overall equipment has become the development trend of a new generation of vibration test benches. The research and development of multi-axis and multi-degree-of-freedom vibration systems is an important topic in China now and in the future.

        ? ? In general, there is still a large gap between the level of vibration testing in China and the level of developed countries abroad. However, with the application of new materials and the continuous application of advanced processing methods, the research work of science and technology workers engaged in this industry in China continues to deepen, and the gap is narrowing at a faster pace. It is believed that it will catch up with developed countries in the near future National level.

        ? ? Suzhou Xinghan Vibration Test Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in manufacturing vibration test benches, electric shakers, automobile headlight shakers, impact test stands, high-acceleration impact stands, vibration test instruments, and high and low temperature integrated vibration tables.

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